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About us

Asia Market Growth is a B2B global company advisory firm. We are specialized in offering market consultancy services for US-based companies and government agencies.
Brought to you by YCP Solidiance, our team has wide expertise across a wide range of industries, such as automotive, healthcare, manufacture, infrastructure, etc. We have helped numerous US-based companies to enter Asian markets. To ensure your success, our local US team will assist you in each step upon entering these markets.
Our team at Asia Market Growth consists of highly qualified local and international consultants of YCP Solidiance who are experienced in Asian markets. They are also fluent in speaking Asian languages so that they can interpret local market data accurately. Each of our clients will get different team that consists of the right consultants of the right skill and expertise. Therefore, our clients will get what they need in order to expand their business to Asia.
Through our extensive work, we continue bringing big achievements for our clients, supported by our strong vision, maintained values, and our people. Our team in Asia Market Growth delivers a high level of transparency so that our clients get a fair and satisfying analysis, resulting in a high repeat rate of more than 90%, well above the industry average.
Career in Asia Market Growth

We Work


Customized Asian market insights

We provide our clients with customized market solutions and assistance that meet their specific requirements in their respective industries. Our team conducts specific researches and analysis adapted to the circumstances of our each US-based client in order to help them expanding their business in Asia successfully.

Asian business knowledge and market intelligence

We have qualified business analysts who gather data directly from the marketplace. Therefore, we will be able to deliver the latest business insights focused on primary source analysis and extensive fieldwork. Therefore, our clients will be able to grab the best and most profitable prospects in Asia.

Global presence, local expertise

Our local US team consists of experienced international consultants and executives, who are fluent in speaking the local languages, understand the diverse Asian cultures, and knowledgeable on various Asian business sectors, market research, and international trade. Therefore, we are able to provide what our clients need to grow their businesses in Asian markets.

Our Team

Damien Duhamel - Asia Market Growth

Damien Duhamel

Managing Partner

Damien Duhamel is the Managing Partner and Head of Digital Business at YCP Solidiance. He is accountable for YCP Solidiance’s regional strategic goals and guides digital transformation activities. Damien is a respected specialist in Innovation and Competitive Strategy with vast expertise in Asia and the Middle East. He has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as a variety of family-owned enterprises in their expansion strategies and transition blueprints.
Pilar Dieter - Asia Market Growth

Pilar Dieter

Managing Partner

Pilar Dieter is our San Diego-based Managing Partner. She is an accomplished adviser to Fortune 500 companies looking for growing prospects in Asia. Pilar has been active in a range of international and American corporate activities in China across government and private companies centered on cross-border trade. Pilar has powerful business knowledge of Asia. She has worked in several countries, such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, and India.
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