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Discover new profitable potential of the manufacturing industry in Asia grow your US-based business successfully in this market.
Asia has become the world’s manufacturing hub, with ASEAN as the key driver of its economic growth. This region offers attractive manufacturing sector to the international manufacturing companies, especially those based in the US.

The gigantic population in this region is one of its best resources. Due to this condition, governments in various Asian countries try to attract international companies to build the factories in their countries by determining low minimum wage of factory workers.

In addition, Asian manufacturing sector is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% from 2016 to 2020. There are various manufacturing segments in this region, such as food and beverage, metals, chemicals, electronics, and automotive manufacturing industry. The latter is expected to grow by 23% in 2020.

Entering manufacturing sector in Asia can be very profitable for US based companies. It can help them to minimize the manufacturing cost if it is done properly. To ensure your success in this sector, we provide you with Asian manufacturing consulting service and international trade support.

Manufacturing - Asia Market Growth

Our Key Service Offerings


Asia Market Intelligence

Our team offers effective market intelligence that allows our clients to anticipate shifts in market demands and the emergence of new competitive challenges in Asian automotive and mobility sector.

Asia Market Entry

As soon as our clients enter the Asian automobile and mobility market, possible alternatives are evaluated in order to minimize financial volatility for our clients by specific mapping of business details, including buyers, networks, rivals, partners, suppliers, and many more.

Asia Competitive Intelligence

Our team will analyze the competition in Asian automotive and mobility market and learn from best practices to avoid excessive omissions. Therefore, clients will gain an immense advantage from finding blind spots and unaddressed business problems.

Asia Customer Intelligence

Our team will carry out a comprehensive analysis on the consumers’ characters of Asian automotive and mobility sector in order to recognize their demographic, behavior and purchasing patterns and to support the development of new products.
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