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Asia Market Growth helps US-based companies to develop and extend their business in the Asian markets through extensive industry researches and consulting services.

Are you experiencing these issues with your business?

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    Is it hard to render business value attributable to your niche market?
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    Are you applying the same business model in various markets in Asia?
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    Do you make business decisions based on unreliable sources of information?
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    Do you set up business plans only based on macro data?

Service Offerings

Strategic Recommendations - Asia Market Growth

Strategic Recommendations

We conduct extensive researches to find out vast opportunities, value drivers, and business risks in Asia, including competitors, consumers, and networks. Therefore, we will be able to recommend the best business strategy for our clients.
Market Size/Trends - Asia Market Growth

Market Size/Trends

Our services enable US-based companies to recognize the their market size in Asia and evaluate the market trends based on the information collected from key stakeholders, ranging from micro/macroeconomic factors to related industry factors in certain Asian countries.
Industry Structure - Asia Market Growth

Industry Structure

Our team provides an accurate analysis of the local distribution network and reflects on the problems/gaps that occur among the key players in the target industry in Asia.

Company Structure

We analyze the local corporate structure of target companies, based on primary and secondary researches, in the context of the Asian markets.
Competitive Intelligence - Asia Market Growth

Competitive Intelligence

We help clients assess their market position relative to their competitors in Asia and develop strategies to maximize opportunities and mitigate threats in the local markets.

Qualitative Research

Our team provides clients with accurate, insightful, and concise data for clients based on various qualitative research methods, including sample tests, direct interviews, mystery shopping, consumer, and telephone surveys.

Quantitative Survey

Our team offers extensive, high-quality quantitative data research and business perspectives tailored to meet clients’ needs through advanced data processing methods and in-depth knowledge of Asian market.

Customer Understanding

We conduct interviews with existing and prospective customers to evaluate their needs and service specification, decision-making processes, mapping out product solutions to untapped and existing markets.

Channel Understanding

We deliver a well-planned channel strategy and value proposition that will allow businesses to establish their desired presence and maximize access to their potential Asian consumers.
Opportunity Assessment - Asia Market Growth

Opportunity Assessment

Our team will identify and examine all potential market entry/growth alternatives in Asia using an attractiveness matrix based on the established benchmark.
marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

We offer detailed marketing strategies that will analyze the potential markets as well as potential consumers. Therefore, our UK clients can expand the business effectively.


M&A Strategy

Our team of experts will provide you the best strategies to expand your business. We will focus on planning to maximize M&A deals to achieve long-term growth of your business in Asia.

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