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Asia Market Growth

US-Asia trade relations have been established for years. It is not something new for both of the regions. However, it is important to note that Asia is the most dynamic and fastest-growing regions. It offers new large-scale business opportunities for US-based companies. Enter Asian markets, discover its new opportunities, and expand your business.

Seize the Large-Scale Opportunities in Asia

Scale Opportunities In Asia - Asia Market Growth

Asia is now home to 21 of the world’s 30 biggest cities, and is inhabited by half of the world’s middle class. Seven economies continue to be their growth engines: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Thailand and Malaysia – combined, their GDP totaled $15.1 trillion in 2010 and will account for 45% of the global GDP by 2050.

With tariffs and trade tensions emerging in 2019 serving as a tipping point for many businesses to diversify their global sourcing, more eyes are shifted into other Asia’s low-cost countries to accommodate manufacturing needs. Furthermore, COVID-19 has also served as a further confirmation of the need to diversify.

What is your next Asia market strategy? How should you ride the growth wave while competing against some of its local / regional giants?

Our Focused Industries

“Goodyear has been teaming up with YCP Solidiance on developing strategies for new market entry. I want to praise the YCP Solidiance team for doing an excellent job in professionally supporting us with business intelligence and credible market insights for our route-to-market strategy in a new country. Their strategic recommendations were so helpful and applicable that we have worked on our second project to optimize our distributor strategy within one of our existing markets. We recommend YCP Solidiance as growth partners, and we are looking forward to keeping working with them.”

Regional Sales Director

Goodyear - Asia Market Growth
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